Word list for a spelling (i.e., Scrabble) type game

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Hi folks,

Not entirely sure I'm in the right place, but here goes: I'm working on a game right now that has a Scrabble-type mechanic wherein players spell words for points. What I'm trying to find out is the best way to verify spelled words. A straight up dictionary won't do because of the various acceptable word forms (e.g., jump, jumping, jumps, jumpy). I could use a "stemmer" algorithm to reduce words down to their root form, but I am worried about false positives (i.e., a stemmer might reduce sheeps to sheep and mark it correct). What would be easiest would be a full list of acceptable words with all of their forms, but I don't know if this exists. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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maybe you can use some of the files in /usr/share/dict/

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Kevin's Word List has links to a bunch of word lists. If those lists don't work for you, use the signature in my profile to send me an email. I have a list of words I found on the Internet that I can send to you.

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