my 3D folio on iOS! "sama.van - Chronology"

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I just released my 3D portfolio app for iOS and would like to share it with the CG community. I built this application to share my work in another way than a simple website with static screenshots.

It is available as free download for iphone, ipod and ipad. 100% free, no ads and no in app purchases.

The most important feature is the 3D browser window where you can preview my 3D work and freely manipulate the camera. Different display modes are available in the browser window to show the diffuse texture, the wireframe, play animation sequences and display credit info.

Link to the iTunes store page :


Here is a preview of the pieces showcased in the app - a total of 97 models. There is a known bug on the model ElevatorB causing the app close but it should be fixed with the next update.

[URL=""][Image: sama.van-Chronoly_MenuPreview.png][/URL]

I would be very interested to hear your feedback and ideas to make the application better!!
Thank you for your time!


[Image: mzl.oowjykkc.320x480-75.jpg][Image: mzl.xluaekjg.320x480-75.jpg]
[Image: mzl.fvzjdifw.320x480-75.jpg][Image: mzl.sbugcfew.320x480-75.jpg]
[Image: mzl.euwlombj.320x480-75.jpg]
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neat idea Smile
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Thank you OneSadCookie!

Finally released a video preview of the 3D folio on iOS.

Give it a try!

Thanks again! Smile

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A new update is available from this morning ^_^!


Quote:- 12 news scenes with 100% FX content
- 4 news scenes with levels.
- 2 new camera systems for large levels (flying camera and walk camera)
- Viewer menu improved.

Below the icons for the new scenes available :

[Image: sama.van-Chronology_1.1.3_preview.png]

And a preview of those effects :

Thanks again for watching and stay tuned for coming update ^_^!!
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