2D Helicopter view vs pseudo-3D

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Hello everyone,
I am working on my ideas for an iPhone game. Being new to this, I hope I could get a few advices from the generous people on this forum -)

I am considering between using a helicopter view graphics vs using pseudo-3D isometric graphics for my game.

I personally like isometric graphics, but I am thinking 2D helicopter view is much more simpler to design and develop.

This is my 1st game, and I will be outsourcing many technical aspects so I prefer simple stuffs.

My questions is: How much more complex if I use isometric graphics instead? Any thoughts?

Thanks for your inputs -)
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Not sure what kind of engine you have in place, but have you considered using Unity? It's free for standalone builds and cheap for iOS deployment. From a technical standpoint, pseudo-3D is (relatively) simple to accomplish.

- Lincoln Green
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Also recommend Unity. Try it out for free.


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I really like Unity 3D, it's an amazing engine, but the cheap iPhone version of it puts the egine logo in the loading screen. If you want to get rid of it you'll need to buy the most expensive licence for $1500 (Unity Pro) + $500 (Unity for iPhone).
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I would recommend unity 3d also, had some good experience with it. Quite user friendly and you can get pretty good results with it.
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