Volunteers for an original 2D construction / tower defense game

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Hi everyone,

I'm actually tired of recent games, with low gameplay and replayability. I only find interest in original indie games.
After several days I finally decided to wrote down the great lines of an indie game mixing a construction game (think of NightShift from lucasfilm games) and tower defense (i'm sure i don't need to mention some titles), multiplayer oriented.

What i'm looking for:
-people to work with to build this indiegame, essentially 1 developper, and 1 or more graphists (2D).

what i'm NOT looking for:
-people to hire. I already have a job in a research position and cannot be 24h/7d on the project.
-people who seeks to make the best game in the world, and make a lot of bucks. I do agree that we need high level objectives but if the game has, somehow, to be commercial, it will come later and ONCE the game is finished. Not to mention that I will seek profit sharing for the whole team.
-people who wants to release the game asap and swith to another project.

Now, a little bit about me: I've a background in computer science, but lost all my skills in C++ and Java since many years.
I'm definitely NOT a coder. I'm actually working on extensive numerical simulations (montecarlo, complex systems, multi agents, etc etc.) in MATLAB and have knowledge in basic IA (supervised and unsupervised learning (neural networks,...), scripting, fuzzy logic, ...). I'm not a mathematician nor a statistician but am working with some of them, and may be able to use some of their tricks) On such a project i'm willing to make simulations on matlab to adjust all variables and ensure a fair gameplay. I think it would be my main task (and hard one, since i planned a LOT of variables). I'm also a musician (bass & guitar) and would be able to make tracks for the whole project. Finally I can make suggestions to implement a nice IA, and even try to implement one, not based on scripts.
My kind of games: Speedbusters, Nightshift, Doom, Duke nukem 3D, Supreme Commander & Total Annihilation, Unreal Tournament GOTY, Monkey Island & co, Jet's'n'Guns, Baldur's Gate, Plants vs. Zombie, Heroes of might and magic (2,3,5), Ultima Online, Bitmap Brothers games, Super Meat Boy, and a lot more...
I do not have any indie game experience, and did not release any official game.

I'm really open on the language to use, have heard of SFML and SDL libraries, OPENGL and so on, and looking for portable release (PC, maybe MAC and maybe WIImare if possible).

If you're interested, contact me by private message, I'll send you a 5-pages pdf description of the project. Plus don't hesistate to share your portfolio and so on...

Thank for reading this long message till the end.

See ya,


PS: English is not my native language, as you may have noticed, but i'm willing to use it as the main one. It'll make it easier Smile
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So if you don't code and don't do art, what do you bring to the project exactly?

If you search the forum or the web you'll find innumerable articles patiently explaining that ideas are worth nothing, and that execution is everything.
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I don't code and don't art, but as stated in the previous post, can effectively:
-balance gameplay using simulation in MATLAB
-resolve possible maths issues, plus bring some optimization to the algorithms
-eventually code the IA using my basic knowledge of C++
-provides soundtracks.

There are about 50+ variables expected at a time ingame, this is not that much, but if you want an equilibrated gameplay you'll have to make precise quantization of the vars. I can do that stuff by coding the whole game in MATLAB and make extensive sims, to prevent any overpowered unit, weapon or enemy in the game.
Just look at Skyrim... build a mage, and you'll finish the game in no time.

Eventually if teamate are REALLY patient, I can code some stuff, but need to going back to C++ will require some time for me (math languages are really high level languages... usually you'll have no need to polymorph nor use classes in that kind of stuff).
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Obvious troll is obvious.
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