[C++] How do you implement a state chart or state machine?

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Hi friends!

How do you implement a state chart or state machine in C++? I mean, which technique do you use? can you write a small example? How do you store transitions? Or any useful link.
I use a switch with a list of states, but I don't use transitions, so I guess I doing it bad.
Note: I would prefer in C++ without any library like Boost.
Is there any program opr IDE to draw state charts and then create its code in C++? Something like assitant.

Thanks a lot for your time, this is a very important part in every game.
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I don't think there's any one formula for a state machine.

If the state change is immediate, then there's no need for a transition.

You do obviously want to be careful to guard against getting stuck in a state loop, or stuck in a single state. However, the details of how that can happen and how to avoid it would be totally dependent on what you're doing.
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