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hi everyone, im new here and to the game development scene. i developed an urban themed rpg called Enforcers and just wanted to get some opinions on it. i noticed that most rpgs are sci-fi or medieval themed so i thought it might be cool to do something a little different
oh, also let me know if you find any bugs or stat balancing issues

Enforcers RPG is finally completed. its an urban themed rpg which is a change from the usual sci-fi and medieval themes. my main ispiration comes from the original diablo. i liked all the equipment you could find in that game, and i liked managing the limited inventory. Enforcers has almost 100 weapons and items, and you have to constantly manage your inventory with a balance of support items, back-up armor and ammo. i also liked how when you killed an enemy it stayed dead for the whole game. in Enforcers, enemies will only respawn when you die as a consequence for dieing, but bosses wont respawn and its a way to make extra money and experience if you need it. i also liked how you had the freedom to choose what stats to increase at level-ups. i took it a step further and allow the player to use the exp they earned in battle to increase thier stats which you do at the gym or the night club. you aslo have the freedom to assemble your group of three people out of the five main characters. you also have the freedom to play the game any way you want, the whole city is accessible as long as you have the firepower to take out the enemies blocking the way

the gameplay revolves around weapons instead of magic, you can equip one melee weapon, one gun weapon and one armor item. there are five weapon types all with different attributes
melee weapons:
can be comboed twice, dont use ammo, limited durability
hand guns:
can me comboed up to three times, use little ammo
can be comboed twice, has a wide range of damage, better accuracy
high accuracy, high damage, cant be comboed
uses alot of ammo, can be comboed three times, has auto-fire feature which shoots all enemies at random
grenade guns:
good damage, pricey ammo, attacks all enemies in one turn
i did all the design, graphics, and programming myself, here are some screen shots of the gameplay

i programmed it in SilverCreator which is a free game developer tool, its really easy to use. its for OSX but can compile games for windows as well

heres a link to the forums
you can download it here
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This is pretty cool, I like what I see so far! I did run into some problems, though:
  • I'd like a hotkey for opening my inventory. Maybe there was one, and I just couldn't find it? I tried a bunch of different keys, and discovered that pressing M twice gives me $99999. Presumably that's there for debugging; probably something you'll want to disable.
  • On the inventory screen, I'd like to be able to swap the item I'm holding with one that's in a slot by clicking on it. It's a lot more awkward to have to set down what I'm holding in an empty slot, pick up the item I wanted to replace, set it down in an empty slot, pick back up the item I wanted to place, and then finally put it where I wanted it to go.
  • Need some explanation of how to play and what's going on. I just had to fumble around and guess to figure out how the game worked. For example, in my first battle, I thought it was broken because the melee button was disabled, and the gun button was enabled but just told me "no gun equipped". Only later did I figure out that they're toggles, and you have to click an enemy to attack. Not only could this use some in-game explanation, but things that behave like radio buttons really ought to be visually distinct from push buttons.
  • Lots of buildings on the map look about the same, but I can't go into them. Why? No obvious visual difference from some of the ones I can enter, like my home (though the item shop does stand out nicely).
  • I got an audio glitch when I entered the item shop. As soon as I go in, it starts playing very loud white noise which continues the entire time I'm inside.
  • Dialogue could use a bit of polish. For example, Daniel's "ok im ready" ought to at least be capitalized and punctuated.
With some more polish, this could shape up to be a great game.
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your right about the money glitch, i forgot to take that out. i fixed that and i added "attack type:" above the melee and gun buttons. the inventory swapping is difficult for me to do, im not sure how to do that, i would have to mess around with it for while, im not much of a programmer, i mainly focus on graphics and animation.
the home does blend in but thats the only one, every other building that you can enter is obvious, like the gunshop, hospital, ParadoX night club, gym, gun specialist, and pawn shop.
i dont know what the audio glitch is, it currupts something after i upload it, maybe i should compress in a different format? like .bin or something? yea, im not a good speller, i have to work on that. thanks for testing. were you able to beat it? cause there were other keys i used for testing later boss battles that you may have pressed that would bug out the game later

Enforcers v1.0.1
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quick update
-.38cal changed to .22cal ammo type
-quick inventory swapping added
-improved grammar

enforcers v1.0.2
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-fixed bug left after converting .38 to .22
-nick now gives tips and info
-changed contents to a couple boxes
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-fixed game crashing bug in kidnapping scene
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Just a hint:
The game apparently has simple graphics, but the "inventory" button has the (old) acqua effect.

I think you need to choose between simple graphics or graphics with effects, the mix is not cool.

As the game has "Super Nintendo" graphics , I think the menu should follow the same way.

Just my opinion.

PS: Sorry if I made any grammar mistake, I am a grammar nazy on my own language, but I am far from having a perfect English... lol
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