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Hello, a new retro/arcade maze style game is coming to the iOS Platform, with 30+ different levels to master, different enemies to kill and power-ups to obtain along the way!

Game Description:

You are a predator by nature, a young centipede out to claim the world for your own. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this regard. Other centipedes, some older and even faster than you are out to do just the same. Fortunately the world is full of crevices for you to explore in order to gain the upper hand over your rivals. Watch out for other centipedes attempting to eat you while you attempt to sneak up on them from behind and do the same. Don't forget to collect the beads strewn throughout your environment for the time they give you before they are all gone!

Game Features:

+ Tiny Predators features both procedurally generated graphics (backgrounds and centipedes) as well as a large collection of challenging maze designs in order to provide hours of replay value.
+ Each maze requires a different approach in order to gain the upper hand on your rivals or prevent them from doing the same to you. The further you progress, the harder and smarter your enemies become, can you defeat them all?
+ The 30 level designs are ordered randomly each game for a different playing experience, and the way the game is structured you may advance through levels a limitless number of times (or until you die, ie you can play to level 50 even though theres only 30 designs).
+ Game Center score and achievement support.

Background info:

More info will come seeing as this is a teaser of the game, it is expected to be released some time in the next month or two. As this is my first iPhone game, any tips or suggestions would be most welcome.

For developers:

- Game made in objective-c
- 18k lines of code (not including frameworks)
- 8 months development time
- Cocos2d implemented for all of the game levels

so what do you think? below are some screenshots to view for now. (can't seem to get them to display in post with html?)








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