Our First iOS Game. Feedback welcome on the art

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Hello Everyone,

We are FlyingRoosters and we are totally newbie when it come to the indie game developers community Smile

We are currently developing our first game for the iOS platform. It doesn't have a name yet, so lets call it project x ( How cliché ).

It will be an endless running game kinda of game with QTE, boss fight and a story.

Right now we just finished the level & scripting engine so we don't have a lot to show game wise but we will really appreciate any feedback on the art & animation of the game.

Linkage to the good stuff:

New Hero animations
Concept video of the game ( with old / no animations )
Early Mockups of the game

If you want to learn more about us, there's our blog or on Twitter Wink

In any case, we look forward to be part of the big indie game dev family and contribute as much as we can on this forum!
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