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Hey guys!

So, I've been slaving over this game concept for about 5 days. I'm majoring in music currently with a minor in art. I've been doing graphic design for about 8 years freelancing. I currently own a music studio that I run out of my house []

So, here's the idea. It would be an iPhone/iPod game primarily, and it would be called "Shake that App!" (obviously a play on words) and it would be 0.99 in the store.

Here's the promotional poster I literally drew up in about 20 minutes, haha I just wanted something to show you guys :3

[Image: shakethatapp.jpg]

Basically upon hitting "Start Game", this little character would spawn on the screen in portrait mode, sitting on some ground. The phone could be titled, shaken or jiggled to make the character bounce off the corners of the screen. The whole game would take place with a static background, and stars, bonuses and other things would spawn at random spots on the screen for the user to "bounce to" and collect. At the end of each game, there would be a saved high score. (I'm guessing it would be saved locally, since an online scoreboard is annoying to set up -- unless we could do something with game center~)

So, the content is protected so pleaseeee don't steal this idea. I trust all of youSmile But I'm looking for someone to go 60/40 on this with me. Basically we'd get it done together, test it, etc. and launch it with our own time, but then the profits received would be distributed 60% to the programmer, and 40% to me. So, you'll be making more than half if you decide to collaborate with me. Then, if all goes well we could work together again.

So please, PM or email me!

-Aaron Glass
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