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Hey there, my name is Chris and I would very much enjoy creating music for your project. Any kind of original song you want, I can create! Or, if your project is part of a series and needs some of it's classic tunes reborn in a unique, exciting new way, I can make that happen!

You know what? To demonstrate that point, why not check out my newest track? It's my own interpretation of the classic Tomb Raider theme! I was inspired by Lara's adventures in Tibet to put an Asian spin on her classic theme. With lots of my own original composition of course!

You need a creative mind to make a unique, memorable and catchy score for your game. So why not check out some of my stuff and shoot me an email by visiting my little corner of the web over at

I update that page with new demos, links to games I've been writing tunes for and all sorts of other fun stuff quite often. You can even find links to my own twitter account and of course, my email address. Don't hesitate to send me an email! I'd love to talk!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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