installing app via xcode to iphone 4s, cause iphone to freeze while calling or receiv

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i have bought recently an iphone 4s.
i use it for development.
everything seemed fine, install my app, test, all ok.
BUT, if i shut down the phone, and restart it, i can't call:
1) the screen seems calling but i can't hear the ring, the call however arrives and if someone answer doesn' hear anything, and i can't hear anything too
2) if i click on terminate call, the screen remain freezed (button red becames grayed but nothing happens)
3) if i send message, the message remain blocked at 90%, the message arrives, but hte phone says impossible to send
4) if someone send me message, it doesnt arrive
5) if someone call me, i not hear sound and nothing visible happens on iphone, but who call me says the line is free

tyied with:
1) change sim card
2) repetly shutdown and restart
3) call callcenter
4) change the phone!!!!!!!

the only thing i can do is restoration with itunes.......

do someone has an idea?
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Hello, it seems that it really is not something i'm installation to make this defect:
is happening to me again, this time I have not even installed anything but to sync the address book.
it is possible to happen when I turn off the PC while the phone is stuck with itunes running?
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Do you have a jailbroken iPhone?

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no jailbroken iphone, all original, i have now changed the sim...i'm hoping to resolve...
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