I am an experimented electronic music artist looking for project collabs/contracts

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Hi everyone, nice to meet you.

I am Pierre-Adam Bouchard (Alias Hopeku) and I have been making electronic music for almost 7 years and i'm looking for projects to make music for (Collaboration or contracts).

I had some experience working with game developers in the past, such as Evil-Dog, Goat-Man, Joelasticot, Ultrapitchfork, etc (All Newgrounds users) making very different style of music every times wich means I am very versatile. The only thing I really cannot make is orchestral music.

Here is my Newgrounds music page (Remember, newer stuff sounds better!): http://hopeku.newgrounds.com/audio/
Here is the latest project I worked for (all songs by me): http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/582472
And here is a demo of a song i've made (One of a thousands): http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/440209

If you want to hear more from mean, don't hesitate to contact me by mail: Pabouchard@hotmail.com, or find me on Facebook: Pierre-Adam Bouchard

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