[Paid] Need iOS game programmer for current and future projects

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Hey All,

We are a small indie studio that has one game currently on the market and a couple in the works. The issue is that all of our programmers keep getting full-time jobs and having to leave! So what we are looking for is someone who is in it for the long haul, or who already has a full-time job and they do iOS game programming on the side.

We would really like it if we were your only project but we understand that can be an unreasonable request.

Pay will be DOE. We are also willing to do Profit Share if that is something YOU want, we don't force that on anyone.

send an email to: jobs (at) vortexgamesinc.com with your resume and samples if you have any.

We are looking for both junior to senior level.

You can check out our site at: http://vortexgamesinc.com

The site is a bit out of date but is being redone soon.
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I've sent you an email Wink

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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