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THE GAME WILL BE MADE IN UDK. Looking for concept artists, writers, and designers before anything is made!

The game is set in the future around 2050. The player is part of a military organization that is sent to rescue astronauts that were thought of as dead previously. The astronauts are trapped on a planet and the character and their crew has to go to the planet and save them. What they encounter on the planet is heavy resistance from a foreign alien race, determined to enslave all of humanity and other forms of life.

The user can choose between 4 characters each with a different back story and play style. The game is an a heavily story based fps with mmo style classes, abilities, talent trees. This will allow players to customize tier play through experience so that no play through are the same.
There will be 5 classes in the game rogue, mage, hunter, engineer, and medic.
A stealth class that focuses on espionage and spying to take care of enemies. The rogue is proficient in hand to hand combat and taking out enemies from a far. Rogues will be able to choose between 3 specializations within the class each focusing on an aspect of rogue gameplay. Rogues love to pick their own battle and use the element of surprise as their greatest weapon.

The game is all about incapacitating the enemies and taking them down quickly. Mages take down their enemy from medium range. They can do lots of Aoe damage with weapons very quickly but go down just as fast. To balance this the mage can give auras and buffs to themselves and allies to balance this.

The Tracker is able to tame beasts, keep their enemies at bay, and focus Aoe and do lots of damage quickly. The Tracker can be used as a support class that keeps enemies way from your party and can unleash loads of damage from their pet or from the trackers pet. Trackers are all about setting up traps for enemies and predicting tier moves.


Engineers focus on well what it sounds like...Engineering! The Engineer learns to make gizmos and gadgets to spy, kill, and provide support for their party. The engineer can make guns, turrets, health stations and tons of other exclusive content. The engineer does average damage with weapons but the full potential on the engineer is unlocked by doing what the engineer does best...engineering.

The medic is what is sounds like they are a healing class that supports tier squad. The medic heals themselves and enemies through different mediums. The medic heals by running around and healing, healing by doing damage, and damage prevention and armor upgrades. The medic also heals by buffing, de buffing enemies, increasing ally armor, and just direct healing with medic packs.

Why join our team:

We can guarantee that you will be getting your foot in the door doing what you love..making games! Design experience and creativity is exactly what Uh Yeti and other game developers look for when hiring new talent. Working on this project guarantees you experience in the field and a unique game to put on your portfolio. We are very ambitious and set high goals and standards that establish a standard of quality.

We can't guarantee payment but it is very likely when the game goes public. We will setup some sort of royalty system that will be explained when the game is developed and ready to go.
What we need:

We need people who are dedicated and willing to put in some time. We need everyone we can get at the moment. If you are interested and have more questions then message us here or email at UhYeti@gmail.com. You have to be fluent in English and easily contacted.

Jobs Available:

Designers-Creative people who want to help expand the story and create gameplay elements. Must really think outside the box of conventional shooters. You are responsible for designing things like characters, class specs, weapons, and abilities and tier functions.

Writers- People who want to write the story as it is heard and seen through captions. Must like the the concept of the story and be great with writing engaging stories and plot twists.

Concept artists- You take ideas and you put them on paper. Must have great artistic skills and be very creative. We like 4-5 of these to design each aspect of gameplay. We are looking for a sci-fi type of game with lots of customization for armors, weapons, etc etc.

3D Modelers- Concept art is taken from concept artists and make them a reality in a program like Maya(LEGAL copy). We will need many of these for designing guns, characters, armors, and other aspects of the game.

Level Designers- Designing the maps, terrain, and the themes. Must pay attention to detail and be willing to rethink concepts until the level fits the tone of the level.

Animators- As an animator you bring the game to life. We are open to hiring many of these for many types of animation. Character animators, weapon animator, environmental, etc. Must have a legal and working copy of 3DS Max
GFX artists(particle and spell effects)- Your job will be to take the spells and give them effects. Must pay great attention to detail. Must be creative with your ideas.

Programmers- The bread and butter of game development. We need the most skilled, most dedicated, intelligent programmers who can give our game brains. Must know UnrealScript, be fluent in C, C#, and C++.

Audio and Video- If you are interested in making a contribution or making us original and non copyrighted soundtracks. We also need sound effect makers, cut scene editors, and voice actors.

Other- If you have any other talent and want to contribute to our game then please submit them to uhyeti@gmail.com and well get back to you if you are needed.
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