Multiplayer Kit

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Multiplayer Kit using Unity3d and SFS2x

1. General

registration inside client via php
login to the game using the MySql database
creating and saving character to MySql
choosing character
"ID Factory"
Private Chat

2. Character

sending keyboard press to server
moving character
Pickup Items/Drop Items
Stats with Regeneration
"passive" Skills---> increase the hit chance and damage
Talents 2 of each class
3. Npc

spawnig npcs from database
structure for AI to add easy diffrent AI behavior
sending status to client( hp, level)

3.1 AI

Attacking event handler --> fires the attacking state
See player event handler
Not see player event handler
NothingToDo event handler---> clear events
Aggro state --> looking for player to attack
Moving to Spawnpoint state
Active state ---> active , random walk waiting of the player
Thinking state ---> thinking what ai state/handler to fire
Aggression desire --> will attack if he sees the player
Attack desire
Move to target desire --> following a target (for attack or summon/animal control)
Move to Spawnpoint desire --> if to far away the npc will walk to his spawnpoint
Walk desire --> Walk based on saved points, random walk
Diffrent controllers to handle the ai.

For more information, screens/videos visit my website:
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