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Good day!
I want to address a question to the people who work or have been working with Big Fish Games, or in any way informed about their way of doing things.
I represent the small game studio which recently signed a distribution and publishing contract with
Big Fish Games. The contract clearly states that there are monthly sales reports to be received however we haven’t seen any. Our requests for such report have been ignored.
So we begin questioning the fairness of our deal.
Do you have experience of work with that company? Are there any suspicious moments in the history of your partnership? Also, interested in your general opinion on distribution and publishing services provided by the Big Fish Games company.
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Hm, I'm surprised you're having trouble with them, Big Fish games is a pretty big place, and I had figured they were reputable.

We had looked into publishing at similar (but different) sites, and we'd heard bad things, mostly about how the publisher didn't really spend any effort into promoting the games. Someone here must know some devs that used them. I know some people connected to Diaper Dash, but I think that company merged with someone else, so I don't know who's collecting royalties for it now.

They should definitely be giving you a monthly sales report. Do you have a developer login of any sort on their site?

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