Noob Programmer help - Obj-C or C++

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I'm looking to get into 3D modeling and animation in a couple years at Tx A&M (if I can get in the VizLab masters program) and thus started studying C++ to cover the prereq. of being proficient in an OOP language. I figure C++ would be best as it's the choice for game dev.

Yet I'm really interested in Obj.-C as well. I'm a long time Mac fan (BFA and 7+ years working at graphic designer) and love the iPhone and iPad.

I'm just curious if my aim is to develop PC games like MMOs, is C++ still the better way to go? Can someone Obj.-C skills still get a job working on MMOs and high end 3D games for PC or would I be limited to iOS app development?

Right now I'm limited to a PC at home, but buying a iMac in a few months so I can get up and running in Xcode.
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Easy answer: learn both. C++ now, and Objective C when you get your Mac.

C++ is a great choice for cross platform development. It's still the dominant language in the industry, and you can also use it on iOS.

Objective C is also a good, and you will have to use at least a little bit of it to develop on iOS.

Also keep an eye on C#. It's your only choice for platforms like XBLIG / Vita and is also used by Unity.

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Why don't you try C#...

If you are looking for a one-stop shop then Unity3D may be your answer. Perfect for 2D game development as well. It even has a model / animation section to so you can make characters, vehicles and whatever else. They also have an Asset store with free or pay for characters and models in case you want something to look stellar right from the start.

You can program in Javascript or C# in Unity3D and their biggest feature is that you can create a game once and deploy it to multiple platforms from iOS to Android, Wii, PS3, xBox, Flash and more...

The base Unity3D is free but you have to pay like $400 for an iOS and $400 for an Android ($ for each other platform) but you can still play around and learn Unity3D, JavaScript and C# for the time being...

If you decide to become a programmer then C# is what is hot with employers now.
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Regardless of your path, C is a very important thing to know and understand in as great detail as you can muster, regardless of whether you're programming a GUI or low-level software, on a Mac, a PC, or Linux.

C++ is a very efficient language that is commonly required to know in most parts of most industries. It's an excellent base to build from. With it you can easily learn C#, Java, Objective-C, or other. It's easier to learn C++ and add another language to your skills than it is to learn C# or Java and then try to learn C/C++. Java and C# are supported by big companies that have plenty of funding to provide plenty of support. They are refined to the demands and expectations of the users.

C# is great if you're doing Windows GUI and need to develop it fast. The only thing I've ever seen in C# on Mac is scripts in Unity.

Since this is a Mac and iOS development forum, it should be safe to assume you're doing development on a Mac. That, and the above, being said, the most important language for you to be the most intimately familiar with is Objective-C.

Again, C is a great base for C++, which is a great base for other languages (Objective-C is the language of the Mac).
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Yes, try C#, in unity Wink
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