• mysteriouspants shared on 2021-05-23: uDevGames Dogpile: 4MB Game Jam Our first-ever uDevGames dogpile. We've selected the 4MB game jam, which is fun without presenting a burdensome challenge. Join us, learn something new, and have fun! #
  • mysteriouspants shared on 2021-01-23: uDevGames 2021Q1 A quarter-long, freeform, hobbyist game jam. #

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iDevGames is a community of game developers where we share ideas, knowledge, code, graphics, audio, and a helping hand to each other since it was founded by Carlos Camacho in 1998. Additionally we periodically run or participate in game jams and contests to encourage new game development and improve our own skills.


You can have a chat with the iDevGames community on our community . Stop by, say hi, tell us what you're working on. We're big on encouragement, whether your developing apps, websites, games, making art, or music.