• mysteriouspants shared on 2021-01-23: uDevGames 2021Q1 A quarter-long, freeform, hobbyist game jam. #

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iDevGames is and has been the place for Mac game programmers to share ideas, knowledge, code, graphics, audio, and a helping hand to each other since it was founded by Carlos Camacho 1998. In addition to providing a home for a large community of developers, iDevGames also periodically runs contests to encourage new game development. iDevGames runs the largest Mac game programming contest, uDevGames, which to-date has awarded over $100,000 in prizes.

Through contests and community support, iDevGames has been the catalyst for fostering the careers of many game developers and creation of a multitude of new games, and has the goal of continuing to do so.


You can have a chat with the iDevGames community either on or by connecting via an IRC client with an authed alias to irc://freenode.net:7000/#idevgames.