Links and News

  • mysteriouspants shared on 2020-09-13: Blender 2.90 released The Blender Foundation has released version 2.90 of their incredible free and open-source 3D-modelling and animation software, including features such as multiresolution sculpting, better pose brushing, and an improved sculpting experience.
  • TheBunny shared on 2020-09-26: LEd - 2D level editor released Deep Night, creator of Dead Cells, has released a tile-based level editor called LEd.
  • mysteriouspants shared on 2020-09-28: riddle 0.1.0, an SDL-like library for Rust, released Riddle is a Rust media library in the vein of SDL, building as far as possible on the most active/standard rust libraries (winit, wgpu, image, etc).
  • taxxodium shared on 2020-09-30: Create Tetris in SwiftUI Check out this video tutorial by SchwiftyUI on creating Tetris from scratch using only SwiftUI. Also check the rest of his tutorials if you're new to SwiftUI.