Links and News

  • kortham shared on 2020-03-05: Postmortem: Making Verdant Skies A game developed by iDevGames community members, these slides discuss the development of Verdant Skies, coming to an artistic theme, designing dialog trees, and how the business fared.
  • slembcke shared on 2020-04-15: Parallelizing the Naughty Dog Engine Using Fibers This talk is a detailed walkthrough of the game engine modifications needed to make The Last of Us Remastered run at 60 fps on PlayStation 4. Topics covered will include the fiber-based job system Naughty Dog adopted for the game, the overall frame-centric engine design, the memory allocation patterns used in the title, and our strategies for dealing with locks.
  • mysteriouspants shared on 2020-04-22: Writing an Efficient Vulkan Renderer An article written by Arseny Kapoulkine and included in the book GPU Zen 2, detailing some of the tricks and techniques for writing efficient Vulkan renderers on different platforms and hardware.
  • taxxodium shared on 2020-05-22: Code-It-Yourself! Retro Arcade Racing Game - Programming from Scratch (Quick and Simple C++) YouTuber javidx9 shares a 40 minute tutorial on creating a simple pixel-graphics retro racing game that runs in the Windows command prompt. With just a little math you can make a fun and playable game.